This very simple and elegant appetizer is brought to us courtesy of Chef Logan Cox of Sitka & Spruce as featured in our Flame & Flavor Dinner Series #2.

While it may sound complicated the ingredients and techniques are very simple. This recipe only requires a bit of time and patience. It’s well worth the effort and your guests will love it.



·           1 side filet of Sockeye Salmon

For the Cure:

·            1 cup salt (we suggest Maldon)

·            1/2 cup sugar

·            1/4 cup of pulverized Annata cannabis (in spice grinder)

For the Herb Coating:

·            1 cup kelp powder (can be found online)

·            1/4 cup of pulverized Annata cannabis (in spice grinder)



Remove all pin bones from salmon filet. Lay down a large sheet of plastic large enough to wrap salmon in. Sprinkle an even layer of cure on the plastic wrap. Place salmon filet skin side down on the cure. Sprinkle another layer of the cure on the flesh side of the salmon. Wrap salmon up in the plastic wrap. Place on a sheet tray and place in the refrigerator overnight.

The following morning, rinse the cure off of the salmon and blot dry with towel. Place salmon back into the refrigerator to dry out uncovered for 12 hours.

Remove fish from fridge and cover completely with the mixed herb coating. Completely cover the filet. You don’t want to see any flesh through the coating. Place back in the fridge to let coating “set” for 1 hour. Once set, thinly slice and serve.